We are utilizing our proprietary RED PLATFORM to develop Red-Cell Therapeutics products which are genetically engineered, enucleated red cells that are being developed to provide allogeneic, ready-to-use cellular therapies to patients across multiple therapeutic areas.

  • From just one universal donor we can generate enough therapeutic doses to treat hundreds to thousands of different patients
  • From one consistent manufacturing process we can generate a broad pipeline of RCT clinical candidates, changing only the gene cassette from drug to drug

The advantages of RCT products over other therapies include immuno-privileged presentation of proteins within or on the red cell, high target avidity and affinity, and long circulation half-life.

The fundamentally unique and potent biology of our RCT constructs replace missing enzymes for patients living with a variety of rare diseases, kill tumors and regulate the immune system to treat both cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Rubius® is advancing cellular therapies that harness the unique, inherent properties of red cells and marry them with the creative power of genetic engineering:

  • Naturally robust, deformable and immune-privileged
  • Naturally enucleated, lacking an ability to transform or expand post production
  • Suitable for administration in small doses (less than one percent of the blood cell population)
  • Predictable circulation and bio-distribution, avoiding many of the toxicities associated with antibody and protein-based therapies

Long lasting, targeted therapeutics endowed with extraordinary therapeutic potential.

  • Demonstrated ability to express multiple targeting and therapeutic moieties both inside the cell and on the cell surface which enables combination therapy in such areas as cancer, enzyme replacement and tolerance induction
  • Expression of hundreds of thousands to millions of copies per cell, combined with the natural presentation of ligands drives fundamentally different biology than alternative single or bi-specific biologics
  • The long, tunable half-life of our RCT constructs combined with natural immuno-privilege results in a more effective and safer way to deliver proteins and enzymes to patients with chronic diseases
  • The unique presentation of antigens inside and on the surface of the cell offers patients with certain autoimmune diseases the hope of a functional cure by retraining the immune system

Rubius® is developing an extensively applicable cellular therapy which is both
readily manufactured at scale and ready to use in the supply chain.


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