Spencer Fisk

Chief Technical Operations Officer

Spencer Fisk is the Chief Technical Operations Officer of Rubius and brings more than 25 years of experience in Manufacturing and CMC product development. Prior to joining Rubius, Spencer served as VP & Global Head of Cell & Gene Technical Development and Manufacturing at Novartis where he led the CMC development and manufacturing organization to deliver the CAR-T portfolio. Under his leadership, the team successfully registered and launched the first CAR-T cellular therapy product, Kymriah, which has demonstrated transformative efficacy in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. While at Novartis, Spencer also led the process development teams in support of the commercialization of Cosentyx® and the registration and approval of ErelziTM and Rixathon®. Prior to Novartis, he led manufacturing and CMC functions in support of Somavert®, Elonva®, Retavase® and Puregon® while at Merck, formerly Schering Plough, Organon and Covance. Prior to Merck, Spencer held various process development and manufacturing roles at Genentech, Genencor and Novo Nordisk.